Image0022Equine Medical Services was established in 1999. Since that time our goal has been to provide excellence in equine veterinary care for our patients and an unparalleled level of service and information to our clients. In keeping with this goal, the practice was integrated with Large Animal Veterinary Service in October of 2000. Since its integration, Equine Medical Service has grown under the commitment of Dr. Allen Landes and a dedicated staff to provide complete equine veterinary care to much of Fort Collins and the surrounding towns.

In December of 2008, Dr. Landes took over the operations at Equine Medical Services. We maintain full time ambulatory units, providing daily farm call visits as well as 24 hour per day 365 day per year emergency service. We maintain a full-time ambulatory unit, providing daily farm call visits as well as 24 hour per day 365 day per year emergency service.

Our ambulatory unit is equipped with a complete traveling pharmacy, surgical instrumentation, IV fluids and administration equipment, radiology equipment and reproductive as well soft tissue ultrasounds. We also provide laboratory diagnostic capabilities including complete blood counts, blood chemistry, antibody analysis, cytology, and parasitology. Most recently we have added oral endoscopy instrumentation to better evaluate the mouth for dental disease.

Our surgical capabilities include many scheduled procedures to include castrations, and tumor removal as well as other soft tissue surgeries. We have established sufficient equipment and have the surgical expertise to handle many surgeries on site.

We strive to maintain strong relationships within the equine veterinary community and by doing so further enhance the capabilities we can bring to our patients. Relationships with specialists in the areas of equine internal medicine, lameness and orthopedics, ophthalmology, reproduction, and alternative therapies provide a constant source of information regarding cutting edge advancements. These affiliations will benefit all horse owners, whether you participate in equine sports, enjoy working horse activities or take pleasure in trail riding. As our practice grows and develops so do these relationships, thus helping to foster new methods of diagnostics and treatment for our patients and improved service capabilities for our clients.