Your horse has a complex and delicate digestive system which contributes to the common causes of equine colic. Modern management of horses means intermittent feeding schedules, concentrated diets, confinement housing and the intake of sand and silt.

Add the stresses of training, traveling and competition and your horse needs The Assure System® to reduce the risk of equine colic.

Assure® and Assure Plus® are psyllium based patent pending formulas which were developed as components in a total solution to Digestive Health. The unique combination of psyllium and synbiotics create the most effective digestive aid available. These two products keep the large colon free of debris and improve the hind gut health and motility to reduce the risk of equine colic. Unlike other psyllium products, The Assure System® products have been clinically proven to improve digestive motility and remove 100% of the sand and silt to eliminate the risks of sand colic.

The Assure System® is simple 3 step program to help maintain the digestive health of your horse. To get the most out of your feeding program and the performance you expect, your horse needs the best in digestive health.

The Assure System® is comprised of these 3 main components:

  • Assure®
  • Daily Digestive Aid. A granular daily feed additive with psyllium and synbiotics that improves the environment of the colon and improves normal digestive processes, thereby reducing your horses colic risk.
  • Assure® Guard
  • Daily Digestive Aid with not only psyllium and synbiotics but also Gastro-Protectants, to reduce the risk of gastric ulcers.
  • Assure® Hoof
  • Daily Digestive Aid with psyllium and synbiotics along with Biotin and Methionine for improvement of hoof quality.
  • Assure Plus®
  • Digestive Aid and Sand Removal Formula. A pelleted psyllium based feed additive with synbiotics and controlled release digestive aids. This patent pending pelleted combination of psyllium and digestive aids removes all of the sand and silt from the large colon. This product used with Assure effectively fights sand colic and restores colonic health. Used as a component of The Assure System equine colic is reduced or eliminated.
  • Parasite Control
  • Deworming Programs – Designed to eliminate the chance of digestive disturbances caused by internal parasites.

Assure® Vs. Assure Plus®

Many people have asked us what the differences are between Assure® and Assure Plus®, when they should be used together, and when it’s appropriate to only use one or the other. Assure® and Assure Plus® are both digestive aids which contain a unique blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and yeast culture. Although they were designed to be used in combination with one another, there are reasons and benefits behind both products.

Assure® is a powdered substance which is meant to be fed on a daily basis to reduce the risk of colic and help ensure that your horse’s digestive system is working at maximum efficiency. Assure® helps to stabilize the gastro intestinal system, improves colonic motility, and reinforces nutrient absorption. It also increases beneficial bacteria while reducing “bad” bacteria. Assure® can be used alone when you want your horse to receive these benefits on a daily basis, and you are not concerned about any amount of sand, dirt, or silt accumulation. Assure® is intended for use in all horses, but it is especially beneficial to horses in performance training, horses on grain diets, horses being treated with antibiotics, horses suffering with diarrhea, horses that are pregnant or nursing, and also foals. One 4.6 pound bucket of Assure® will last one horse for four months when fed at the regular recommended dose of one scoop per day.

Assure Plus® is a pelleted substance which contains all of the same benefits as Assure®. The difference is that it also has the patent pending formula with psyllium, which has gained recognition as the most effective method for removing sand and silt from the colon of horses. The Assure Plus® was designed to help the most with sand and silt removal, by increasing motility while providing enough psyllium to mechanically augment sand clearance. The normal feeding recommendations for Assure Plus® is to feed eight ounces per day for five weeks straight to clear out any sand, silt, and dirt accumulation that horses by nature pick up while eating their hay and grazing in pasture environments. After the initial five week period, you then move into a maintenance routine of feeding Assure Plus® for only one week out of every month, to facilitate sand clearance on a regular basis. Assure Plus® may be fed alone as a superior sand clearance formula.

So, with that being said, when do you use both products together? Both products should be used when treating sand, colitis, or diarrhea. Even in cases where you do not suspect that your horse is susceptible to picking up any sand, there is always the risk of silt and dirt accumulation, so it is best to use both products if you want to ensure that your horse’s digestive system is functioning at maximum efficiency. The most recent clinical research trial, by Dr. Allen Landes, has shown that using Assure® and Assure Plus® in a systematic program, increased sand removal from the colon by as much as 600% (p=0.01). The full research will be published in February in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

Many horses are being successfully treated with the Assure® and Assure Plus® products to eliminate sand, reduce colonic ulcers, increase colonic motility, and to provide all of the additional benefits of improved colonic, hind gut, and digestive health. Many horses have now avoided surgery for sand enteropathy due to the powerful combination of Assure® and Assure Plus®. Additionally, practitioners and owners alike are reporting lowered incidence of colic, improved coat condition, better feed utilization, and more energetic horses. We now have hundreds of horses that are being maintained on these products, due to their prophylactic nature and the health benefits that the patients realize.