There have been a lot of changes since I first wrote the newsletter article titled “Who is Equine Medical Service?” in 2005. In December of 2008 I took over the operations at Equine Medical Service as Dr. Altman started working for an international corporation to help promote the Assure product line that he developed. Currently, Dr. Altman is on a reduced appointment schedule for the practice. We still maintain full time ambulatory units, providing daily farm call visits as well as 24 hour per day 365 day per year emergency service. We still also maintain a fully equipped clinic that allows for on-premise appointments, whether scheduled in advance or emergency in nature. We still are committed to giving our clients and their horses the best health care in our area.

Along with the change in ownership, Equine Medical Service is changing in other ways to expand the service to our clients. For those of you looking to have us vaccinate your small animals while we are at your barn attending to your horse needs, we will carry vaccines for our current equine clients’ dogs and cats to include the rabies vaccine. We will also offer the rattlesnake toxoid vaccine for those dog owners’ that wish to reduce the severity of envenomation of their dogs from a rattlesnake strike. This vaccine has helped many dogs recover more quickly from the bite of a rattlesnake by priming their immune system to the toxins of the venom. It has been licensed for the use in dogs for the last five years and has caused very few reactions with the most common being small lumps at the injection site that go away in a few weeks.

We have also renovated our web site and added two new sections, a photo gallery page and a forum page. We will have pictures of interesting cases and a section for client pictures. I want to encourage our clients to share their photos of them and their horses’. Share your win photos, your trail ride photos, or just your hanging out photos. You can also share short video clips also. Any photos or videos you would like us to post send them to Dr. Landes, please use our Contact Us Form.