02Portable Radiology “X-ray” equipment is always available in our mobile ambulatory units. We now have added computerized radiography to our practice. This recent upgrade to our radiograph system allows us to take radiographs of your horse and review the results within minutes of taking them without leaving the stable or farm. This allows for immediate diagnosis and the start of treatment without a second veterinarian visit.

“Ultrasound” or Ultrasonography is available for reproductive diagnostics including the early detection of pregnancy. We have multiple ultrasound machines so that we can utilize the high-resolution modes for tendon and ligament evaluation, as well as diagnostic use in other soft tissues injuries and lesions. Ultrasound diagnostics are available on either an in clinic or mobile basis.

Portable and In Clinic Endoscopy is utilized for the examination of upper airway lesions of all types, from inflammatory based diseases through structural abnormalities. Via endoscopic examination of the upper airways, we can diagnose performance limiting diseases as well as some life threatening upper airway conditions.

ultrasound 01

New Digital Imaging Comes to EMS

xrayThe newest technology to be added to Equine Medical Services is a digital radiograph imaging system. This system has taken the place of the old plain film radiographs where radiographs were taken and then the films were developed by an automatic processor, using chemicals and a darkroom similar to what is used to develop regular film photographs. This obsolete equipment has resulted in:

  • Delays in reaching diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans
  • Costly monthly maintenance
  • Loss of time retaking radiographs once the film is developed and finding positioning and/or technique was not accurate
  • Unexplained poor development of film requiring retakes

With the development of digital radiograph imaging systems in the last 10-15 years, all of the above difficulties are immediately eliminated. Other benefits of digital radiographs include:

  • Radiograph examination that can be seen and reviewed within a few minutes
  • Elimination of the use, storage and disposal of harmful chemicals
  • Imaging software that can enhance the radiograph contrast to facilitate a more accurate diagnosis
  • Improving the level of care the veterinarian can provide for their client’s horses
  • Easy sharing with consulting radiologists for difficult cases
  • Decreased radiation exposure to patients and personnel
  • Improved radiographic quality
  • Increased efficiency

As with any new technology and equipment, there comes an increase in cost. The cost of radiographs will need to increase to cover the cost of new equipment.